Monkey Pose

Photo Journal Of A Sphynx Cat

Winter sun

The sun feels especially feels good when it’s cold out. With the warmth of the heater too, Monkey is set! Look at his nose prints on the window!


Spot Monkey

I looked into the living room to see 2 set of ears poking out of the box. And there he was. Mr. Monkey chillin in the box.


Monkey is very alert as treat time gets near. That adorable face! I love Monkey ❤️ My Cutiepie.

Nice scarf

I always trust Monkey’s taste in fashion. This one is no exception.


Is that Monkey behind the plants? Monkey enjoying the sunlight by the window. We put a little cushiony blanket for him to enjoy the sun comfortably.

Sun nap

Beautiful Monkey napping with the sunlight 😴

My little creature

My little monkey man.

Hello buddy

So exquisite, aren’t you.

Mystery Man

Who is behind the veil? A mystery Monkey man.

Good evening Sir

My name is Claire and I will be your server for tonight. Would you like to start with something to drink?

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