Monkey Pose

Photo Journal Of A Sphynx Cat

Happy Birthday Monkey!!

Monkey turns 11 today! Happy birthday to my little boy. Thank you for being so good with your new brother and sister. Monkey is the best. I love you.

The cutest

Monkey the cutest Cutiepie in the world!!! Just look at that pose. Irresistible!!

That time of the day

It’s that time of the day when it feels perfect for a nice nap.


It’s bedtime and Monkey is watching me from up above. He soon came down and got under the blanket with me ❤


How adorable is this?! Beyond cute!!!
I have to make the bed more comfortable now that I know how he enjoys it. I love him so much!!

Coat inspection

A thorough inspection is required before putting the coat away till next winter. Not sure if Monkey will approve.

Snow day

Monkey looks so peaceful sleeping by the window with winter wonderland scenery.

Brown box

Another box fitting trial by Monkey. This one seems roomy and comfortable.

Happy Birthday Monkey!!

Wishing Monkey a very happy birthday! He turns 10 today. Unbelievable. I adopted him when he was just 3 months old. A big chunk of my life spent with this adorable cat. I used to be scared of cats. Because of Monkey, I have loved an amount of love that I don’t know would have existed. He is incredible. I feel so blessed and loved to be his owner ✌️What a gift. There is no limit to my love for this boy. Happy birthday my little munchkin.

Approaching snack time

Monkey sitting on my lap, all warmed up. But he looks up all of a sudden and not losing eye contact. Is it that time?

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