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Catch the Arrow

Monkey trying to catch the white arrow on the screen.

Bath Time

You will need:

  • baby shampoo (Johnson & Johnson)
  • clean socks (to rub with soap)
  • warm towels

I find the kitchen sink the most convenient for this job.
Frequency depends on your cat; how greasy he gets. It may vary from once a week to once a month.

  1. Fill the sink up with warm water.
  2. Let your Sphynx cat feel the water so it has an idea of the temperature.
  3. Put on the socks on your both hands…then gently lift your cat, and slowly lower in the water.
  4. Wet your cat’s body with water, adding soap on the wet socks…then rub.
  5. Avoid the eyes & the ears. If water goes into the ears, they can get infected.
  6. Rinse off the soap completely.
  7. Rest your cat down on a soft & warm towel.
  8. Reward him for his patience.

Since Monkey doesn’t stay still for long, I do the ear cleaning, nail cleaning, trimming, & eye cleaning in separate sessions, which happens more frequently than a bath.

Monkey Disguised as Laundry Detergent

It’s a total disguise.

How To Clean Your Cat’s Nail Sheath

Black gunk builds up under the nail sheath.
You will see gunk in 2 areas:
1. at the start of nail bed
2. under the skin fold

You can wipe it off with bath wipes or soft tissue wrapped around your finger. Q-tips don’t really work well because the tips are too soft & round.
Be careful not to be too rough near the nail bed…if possible, go close to it without touching it.
To clean under the skin fold, hold the skin back with your one hand and clean with the other.

Once you clean them, it may last a week or more until the next cleaning.

Trimming Your Cat’s Claws

Monkey got his nails trimmed today. I knew they were getting too long because Monkey jumped on my back and made a hole in my shirt 😦

You may use claw trimmers, but nail clippers for humans work fine.

Press the paws…the claws will extend out. Then cut only the claw and avoid the “quick,” which is the pink part (shown above). Cutting the quick may result in bleeding & pain.
When using human nail clippers, position it vertically, which is perpendicular to the way we use it on our nails. This will minimize nail chipping.

Double Fun, Double Trouble

Sometimes I think “what if I had another one of these monsters?”
But then I realize, it may be double the fun, but also double the trouble!

Monkey’s Favorite Spot

Monkey loves the warm heater.
All the heaters in the house are his favorite chillin'(ha!) spots.

Piggy Back Ride

Whenever my back becomes anything close to horizontal, Monkey sees it as an opportunity for a piggy back ride. Once he’s on, he doesn’t get off…unless I offer him a snack.

Arm Wrestling

Monkey wanted to arm wrestle…and we both thought it was fair for him to use both arms and I use one. It was a mistake…he beat me.


Monkey plays this game…
he alternates between hiding and showing himself, like a mix of hide & seek and staring contest. When I hide, he sticks his head out to see more of me…when I stick my head out, he hides.

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