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Monkey Under the Covers

When I had finished doing the dishes…it was very quiet…no sign of Monkey…and when I walked into the bedroom…

There he was, waking up from a nap….and perhaps thinking about the dream he had…

Monkey Looking out the Window on Christmas Eve

How pretty everything was, covered with snow.

Short Conversation with Monkey

Claire: “Monkey?”
Monkey: Yes, mommy?
Claire: “What are you saying with those pretty eyes..”

Monkey’s Recovery

Okay, I think Monkey has recovered from the loneliness.
He sure had many naps on my belly and playtime with the featherwand this weekend!
Hopefully this week at work won’t be as crazy…
I did think about adopting his sister or brother. But right now, one troublemaker is all I can handle 🙂

Not Enough Time with Monkey

I feel sorry for Monkey that I came home late all week this week.
He stays home all alone the entire day, and when I come home, I have to rest and get ready for the next day…not even play time.

You look a lil sad, Monkey…To make it all up, let’s have a party this weekend…what do you say?

Monkey’s Inspiration

After studying Lucio Fontana’s work, Monkey must have been inspired…when I came home, he had expressed his ideas on paper…toilet, that is.

An example of Fontana’s work:

Image from

Happy Birthday Monkey!

Monkey is now 1 year old. I’m so proud of him..hehe

His human grandma gave him a beautiful blanket for his birthday…Monkey likes it already.
He will be loved & spoiled even more from now on.

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