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Monkey’s Dream

In his dream..
Teacher: “Who wants to solve this purroblem?”
Monkey: “Me!!! Me!!! ME!!!!”


I see you Monkey!


Cat In the Bag II

This is not as nice as his favorite bag, but it’s alright.

Another Laundry Session

Photos just too cute to pass… 😉

Look Here!

Another laundry session…but he’s not folding any clothes today 🙂

Hide & Seek II

You know, Monkey…if you want to hide, you need to hide your body too 🙂

Cat In the Bag

This is Monkey’s favorite bag to hide in 🙂

Full Harvest

of the cutest paws ever!!

Chunky Ball of Cuteness

Yes, he is my chunky ball of cuteness 🙂

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