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So adorable

Monkey is such a good boy.

Fell asleep on mommy’s arm

Monkey has been like this for a while now and my arm and leg is falling asleep. But too bad, I cannot move an inch until Monkey wakes up.

Cozy pose

Walking in to see this

My Cutiepie sleeping, so adorable!!

Well, Hello There


I didn’t see him for a while

And here he was, enjoying his nap place of his choice.

Sleeping Cat Pose

Next, we are going to stretch one leg as far as you can…as shown here.

Sewing on hold

About to use the fabric but Monkey is sleeping on it. I wouldn’t dare wake him up. Sewing would just have to wait, no other options!!

Handsome fella

Such a beauty. The line on his nose disappeared. Probably will return soon.

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