Monkey Pose

Photo Journal Of A Sphynx Cat

Futon bed

Monkey waking up from a nap on his futon bed. They are folded plush pillowcases stacked for Monkey’s comfort. Wait…maybe I can trim his nail while he is in this sleepy state.


Bird watching

Peaceful Saturday afternoon.

Kissy cuddle time

Little Monkey sweetness getting some love from daddy.


Monkey is neatly organized on a shelf.

Desk mate

Monkey hanging out on the desk while I’m on the computer. Looking attractive with the dramatic light and shadow effect.

Cuteness overload 🚨🚨🚨

Cuteness overload captured! Look at those yummy paws 😍😍

Warmth of the sun

Monkey enjoying the warm sun while watching the activities in the backyard. Such a calm boy.

Plumbing instructions

Monkey helping us understand the plumbing parts diagram. He is a big help for sure.

Cuddle time

A little cuddle time with Monkey! It feels so so sweet.

Just like a human

Monkey is no different from you and I. He requires a pillow and a blanket to sleep. My little fellow.

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