Monkey Pose

Photo Journal Of A Sphynx Cat

Nice scarf

I always trust Monkey’s taste in fashion. This one is no exception.



Is that Monkey behind the plants? Monkey enjoying the sunlight by the window. We put a little cushiony blanket for him to enjoy the sun comfortably.

Sun nap

Beautiful Monkey napping with the sunlight 😴

My little creature

My little monkey man.

Hello buddy

So exquisite, aren’t you.

Mystery Man

Who is behind the veil? A mystery Monkey man.

Good evening Sir

My name is Claire and I will be your server for tonight. Would you like to start with something to drink?

Futon bed

Monkey waking up from a nap on his futon bed. They are folded plush pillowcases stacked for Monkey’s comfort. Wait…maybe I can trim his nail while he is in this sleepy state.

Bird watching

Peaceful Saturday afternoon.

Kissy cuddle time

Little Monkey sweetness getting some love from daddy.

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